Friday, 18 January 2013

DevExpress DXWindow Control and XAML Designer

Silverlight-Docking-Form-Layout-Multi-Purpose-ControlsIf you are using DevExpress controls, you probably encountered a very annoying issue related to one of the Silverlight controls, it’s the DXWindow control. the problem is when you add new DXWindow to Silverlight project , then all you see is a small squared border control, you can’t interact with the control directly through XAML designer, this is the moment when Microsoft Expression Blend becomes Microsoft Blind, who turned off the designer.

DXWindow is a handy control to add floating windows in Silverlight applications, you can use it as a normal window which allows the interaction with the main page content, or as a modal popup control.

I’m using it extensively in one of my projects, because the ChildWindow offered by Microsoft control is not easy to customize, unlike the DXWindow.

Nothing is perfect, I started to add these handy controls to my project, and oops …. no designer, I had to find a workaround by converting the DXWindow to ChildWindow just to interact with the designer, then when finished revert it back to DXWindow.

These workarounds are simply counterproductive, after all what is the point of purchasing such control if you can’t use it in the designer.

I googled for a solution, I found these threads related to the same issue:

Visual Studio 2012 silverlight designer do not display DXWindow

Which then led me to this link:

DXDialog's contents are not shown in the Visual Studio 2012 designer

And here we see a reply from DevExpress team:



So DevExpress blames Microsoft for this issue, they said the problem is related to visual studio 2012, and it is filed till now as a bug on Microsoft Connect website, with no workarounds:

Some controls are not visible on design surface


I can’t tell exactly what is the problem, but what I can’t get is the following: two huge teams are unable to provide their clients with workarounds.

Here is my workaround

Just watch the video to see how simple it is to recover the designer.


Who knows and who cares, what matters is it worked for me, and it saved me lot of time of going through hundreds of lines of XAML code.

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